40oz Bounce this Sunday (NYC).

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show love to the don of NY and my great friend Joel! Mad I’m mission this!

trikkology 101 - take notes


- placing your hand on someone’s thigh or lap is a reference to intimacy and will make the person feel they should be comfortable towards you.

- never ask for more demand more

- smiling is a weapon. use it constantly even when upset. 

- know what you are talking about if you don’t change the subject

- never get too personal.

-kissing is personal

- be expensive at first negotiate later

tips for life really.



learn to lie.

learn to catch a lie.

successful liars will look at you straight in the face they believe their own lies therefore, the lie seems real.

unsuccessful liars will often look to the side touch their hair or make a sudden movement before, during and even after their lies.

now, it’s ok to lie when it doesnt hurt anyone, right?

allow the person to lie, feed into it, and act like you believe it if it feels beneficial.

being an actress is like lying. play your role. sell your character.

This has a certain person I know written all over it. 

Cam’ron this Saturday at Grand Central = LITTT

NORMANOW: Cam’ron this Saturday at Grand Central = LITTT


Peter hit me up from SneakerPimpsand asked if I could help out with the show. When he asked I was on board immediately as SneakerPimps has been an event I attended as a young in’ so why not help him make it happen?! I am in charge of the musical programming and such so I got my homie JUST DIMY who’s in town from NY to play. He rules and really gets people grooving – then we’ve got Reid Waters…

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I was with some angels last night ✨ @pslovevictoriaa @bumsee (at Peachfuzz)

I was with some angels last night ✨@pslovevictoria @bumsee (at Peachfuzz)

Last month was crazy - this month we do it again ✨😆✨
www.BESTDAYEVERMIAMI.com (at Dream South Beach (Hotel))


Another month, another #BestDayEverMiami! We had a blast last month - let’s get it in for September baby! GOD BLESS AMERICA ✨💖🇺🇸 (at Dream South Beach (Hotel))

@PEACHFUZZPARTY Best Party in the World with @themjeans @sosupersam going to be pretty exciting VIBEZZ in the building! plus we’ve got @kirsylovett celebrating a hot birthday straight from NYC - I need all big booty mamis in the building ✨💖😆

I will take care of you ✨😏🍑 (at Grand Central)

Long time in the making and I’m just getting started! Work in progress but I just couldn’t hide this amazing illustration which serves as the header to my new web presence on NORMANOW.com ✨ created by @columnnotes I am so honored and flattered to be visualized by her talent!

Long time in the making but NORMANOW.com is here and I’ll be using it as my Tumblr-esque blogging/business platform sharing thoughts, mixes, videos I like, personal experiences and more with the World! ✨💖 YOUGUYS! (at NormaNow.com)